Monday, August 27, 2012

CALB CA60FI spec sheet


  1. Hi Stan, I found your blog thru Google while searching for info on CA60FI cells. I'm on the same track as you, but still in the planning stages of my build.

    I'm an avid follower of EVTV myself and plan on using the braided straps for my build. I noticed that the CA100FI cells have different terminal spacing depending on whether they're arranged side-by-side (70mm spacing) or adjacent (60mm spacing) and I was wondering if you could confirm both distances in those arrangements for the CA60FI cells.

    Any plans to make the trip two states over for EVCCON this year?

  2. The terminals on the CA60FI cells have a 42mm spacing when they are side by side, and a 52mm spacing when end to end. The straps that come with the CA60FI cells are 64mm long by 22mm wide. The holes are 40mm center to center. One hole is 6.5mm diameter, the other slotted to 9mm. The bolts that come with it are M6 - 16mm long. The measurements on the spec sheet are accurate.

    The 50-6 straps from EV Works ( ) in AU would work for the end-to-end straps, but I have been unable to find braided straps for the side-to-side connection. If you run across any, please drop me a note.

    I wish I could make it over to EVCCON this year, but the budget just doesn't allow it. I do hope to make it next year. If things work out right, I plan to ride the motorcycle to EVCCON 2013, pulling a genset on a trailer... making it a part-time hybrid vehicle.

  3. According to the Aug. 31, 2012 EVTV episode, Jack is going to be stocking braided straps for the CA60FI cells.

  4. Thanks for all the info, I just got around to reading it (seems the commenting system doesn't notify me when you reply... but now I see there's a "Subscribe by email" link I may have overlooked)

    It's unfortunate that terminal spacing isn't more consistent, but at least the evworks site is very descriptive... maybe I'll shoot them an email asking them to update their descriptions to include CA series cells. But, until they make them bespoke, I seem to recall seeing someone using braided straps that were too long and because they are braided/flexible the slack just kinda puckers up between the cells... not ideal, but workable? Otherwise, you could take the 50-6 strap with it's 46mm center-to-center and hog out each side by a couple mm to get down to 42mm. Again, not ideal, but would 12mm^2 less material hugely impact the integrity of the connection?

    I still haven't had time to watch the Aug 31 Friday Show - work and other priorities :( Go figure Jack announces exactly what we're looking for the day after I ask for it! Now, if he'd only put the 60Ah cells on his web store...

    I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to make EVCCON. Last year was a thrill and I have the same expectations for this year. The range-extended motorcycle sounds daunting, but then 12 months is a lot of build time :)