Saturday, February 18, 2012

High or Low?

There are two places that the AC-20 can go. Down low where the transmission was, or up high where the gas tank used to be under the seat. I'll have to do some figuring to see which one will work out to be the best position.

The first set of pictures show the motor mounted low. The bottom of the motor would be at the same level where the exhaust pipes used to be. The face of the motor is on a fairly close plane to the face of the drive shaft. 

The second set of pictures show the motor mounted high, under the seat. The face of the motor is a few inches forward of the face of the drive shaft.

This last set of pictures shows the relative size of the motor and batteries in the bike frame. The "tank" is actually just a plastic air cleaner cover. That entire area is open, I will probably be putting the Curtis 1238 controller and the battery charger under there.

The battery mockups are of the Sinopoly 60(b) cells, as you can see there is room for a lot of them. I'm going to also mock up some 100's to see how they fit.


  1. Have you decided on a belt system to use? I'm using a Gates 8M Poly Chain belt on my bike, but I think it's limited to a max 5000rpm on the small sprocket because of the noise factor. Your AC20's 8000rpm is way off the chart.

    The 5M(5mm pitch)belt power/rpm chart shows your rpm, but I'm not sure the smaller teeth and limited belt widths could handle the power of the AC20.

    1. I haven't decided which belt system to go with yet, but I'm looking at the Goodyear PD system.

  2. Your project is along the lines of one I was thinking of undertaking. I am very new to the EV-world and just spending heaps of time reading and researching at the moment.

    One thing that concerns me with shaft drives and running a motor lengthways, is the torque reaction you would get causing the bike to fall to one side.

    Are you anticipating any problems with this, or have ideas on how to negate the effects?

    1. Since the gas bike had a curb weight of nearly 700 lbs, and ran about 100 hp, and the electric conversion should weigh fairly close to the same, I don't see the (max) 75 hp motor causing any problems of that nature.