Saturday, February 18, 2012

And it is outta there...

Thanks to one of the local members of, Ken H, the motor is now out of the bike. I have two different manuals for the ST1100, the factory one and one from Haynes. Both listed the same steps for removing the engine, with the Haynes one being slightly more detailed and having pictures. Neither listed what I actually had to do to get the engine out...

At Ken's suggestion, I removed the right timing belt cover. That gave just enough clearance to lever the engine out with a pry bar. With the engine out of the way, I can start measuring for motor placement and batteries.


  1. Be sure to save the output(splined) shaft, if the motor is bad, or pick one up on ebay. You'll need it for your jack shaft. The splines I've seen always seem to be different between models.

    The drive shaft front u-joint,as I recall, is spring loaded onto this shaft. No nuts, bolts,pins,snap rings, have to mess with. That will make your job easier.

  2. I bought a ST1100 transmission off of ebay and pulled the shaft out of it. That leaves my engine intact to make it easy to sell.