Monday, January 9, 2012

And so it began...

I've owned several motorcycles over the years, and a 1996 Honda ST1100 is my most recent. This thing is a monster, it weighs about 700 pounds and has a gas tank that will hold over 7 gallons of fuel. Shaft drive, water cooled. I've owned cars with smaller engines...

I bought it from a friend of a friend who had decided that he was getting too old for that heavy of a bike. I put several thousand miles on it over the course of a couple of years. Life intervened and it ended up in storage for a while.

I'm between jobs and decided that since I have time on my hands, now would be a good time to convert the ST1100 to electric. I don't have a garage where I'm living, so I joined the Dallas Makerspace. DMS has a garage area, and one of the members was already in the midst of converting a Fiero to electric. Just after Christmas 2011 I got the ST1100 moved to the garage. What follows is the steps and missteps as I go thru the conversion.

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